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Those Who Served in World War II

First Name Last Name Position Service Theater
Clifford A "Cliff" Aberson OF US Army USA
George A Abrams P US Navy PACIFIC
Calvin R "Cal" Abrams OF US Army ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
Joseph L "Joe" Abreau IF US Navy USA
Marion D "Bill" Adair MANAGER US Army ETO
Robert H "Bobby" Adams 2B-3B USAAF USA
Richard L "Dick" Adams 1B USAAF USA
Robert G "Bob" Addis OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
William G "Bill" Akers IF USAAF PACIFIC
Edward J "Ed" Albosta P US Army USA
Harold J "Jack" Albright SS US Navy PACIFIC
Dale L Alderson P US Navy USA
Robert S "Bob" Alexander P US Navy USA
Baldomero M "Mel" Almada OF US Army USA
Thomas E "Tom" Alston 1B US Navy USA
Wayne H Ambler SS US Navy ETO/PACIFIC
Andy H Anderson IF US Army ETO
Alfred W "Alf" Anderson SS US Navy USA
Arnold R "Arne" Anderson P US Navy PACIFIC
Ferrell J "Andy" Anderson C US Army ETO
Harold N "Hal" Anderson OF    
William E "Bill" Anderson P US Army  
Arnold R "Red" Anderson P US Navy PACIFIC
Ernest H "Ernie" Andres 3B US Navy ATLANTIC
William J "Bill" Andress UMPIRE US Navy  
Herbert C "Hub" Andrews P USAAF  
William M "Bill" Andrus 3B US Army USA
William J "Bill" Antonello OF US Navy PACIFIC
Peter W "Pete" Appleton (Jablonowski) P US Navy USA
Lucius B "Luke" Appling SS US Army USA
Angel V, Jr "Jack" Aragon C US Coast Guard USA
George A Archie 3B-1B US Army ETO
Rinaldo J "Rugger" Ardizoia P USAAF PACIFIC
Henry I "Hank" Arft 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Morris "Morrie" Arnovich OF US Army USA
Joseph H "Joe" Astroth C Coast Guard USA
James C "Jim" Atkins P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Maurice "Toby" Atwell      
William F "Bill" Atwood C USAAF CBI
Leycester D "Leslie" Aulds C USAAF USA
Martin G "Chick" Autry C US Marine Corps  
William O "Bill" Ayers P US Army ETO
Richard J "Dick" Aylward C US Army ETO
Frederic J "Fred" Baczewski P USAAF  
James C J, Jr "Jim" Bagby P Merchant Marine  
Edson G "Ed" Bahr P US Navy  
William P "Bill" Baker C US Navy USA
Eugene W "Gene" Baker 2B/3B US Navy  
Robert R "Bobby" Balcena OF US Navy  
Harold E "Hal" Bamberger OF    
George I Bamberger P US Army MTO/ETO
Daniel R "Dan" Bankhead P US Marine Corps USA
John D "Red" Barkley IF USAAF USA
Albert J "Al" Barlick UMPIRE US Coast Guard USA
Rex E Barney P US Army ETO
Victor D "Vic" Barnhart SS US Army  
Richard "Dick" Bartell SS US Navy USA
Boyd O Bartley SS US Army  
David R "Dave" Bartosch OF Coast Guard  
Romanus "Monty" Basgall 2B US Army USA
Hubert E "Bud" Bates OF US Navy USA
Matthew D "Matt" Batts C USAAF USA
Henry A "Hank" Bauer OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Russell L "Russ" Bauers P US Army ETO
Cramer T "Ted" Beard OF US Army PACIFIC
Henry E "Gene" Bearden P US Navy PACIFIC
John "Johnny" Beazley P US Army USA
Joseph E "Joe" Becker C US Navy  
Clarence S Beers P USAAF  
Joseph S "Joe" Beggs P US Navy ATLANTIC
Henry "Hank" Behrman P US Army ETO
Alojzy F "Ollie" Bejma IF US Navy  
Fernando J L "Fern" Bell OF US Navy PACIFIC
Roy C "Beau" Bell OF US Army  
Raymond A "Ray" Benge P US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph R "Joe" Bennett 3B US Army  
Vernon A "Vern" Benson OF US Army  
John A "Al" Benton P US Navy  
John "Johnny" Berardino 2B US Naval Reserve USA
Morris "Moe" Berg C OSS ETO
Louis W "Boze" Berger IF USAAF USA
Walter "Wally" Berger OF US Navy USA
John G "Johnny" Bero IF USAAF  
Lawrence P "Yogi" Berra C US Navy ETO
Joseph H "Joe" Jr Berry P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Cornelius J "Neil" Berry IF USAAF  
Herman A Besse P US Navy  
Louis E "Lou" Bevil (Bevilacqua) P US Army  
Henry A "Hank" Biasatti 1B Canadian Army  
Vernon E "Vern" Bickford P US Army PACIFIC
James M "Jim" Bilbrey P US Navy  
Frank S "Porky" Biscan P US Navy USA
Charles T "Charlie" Bishop P US Navy  
Hiram G "Hi" Bithorn P US Navy PACIFIC
James N "Jim" Bivin P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Joseph "Joe" Black P US Army  
Wayne T Blackburn COACH US Army  
James R "Jim" Blackburn P US Army ETO
Ewell "The Whip" Blackwell P US Army ETO
Louis N "Buddy" Blair 3B USAAF USA
Edward J "Ed" Blake P US Army PACIFIC
Lincoln H "Linc" Blakely OF US Navy USA
Prosper A "Al" Blanche P US Army  
John L "Johnny" Blatnik OF USAAF USA
Robert G "Buddy" Blattner IF US Navy PACIFIC
Seymour "Cy" Block 3B US Coast Guard USA
James H "Jimmy" Bloodworth 2B US Army USA
Michael J "Mike" Blyzka P US Army  
Milton F "Milt" Bocek OF US Army PACIFIC
Joseph E "Eddie" Bockman 3B US Navy USA
Richard W. Bokelmann P US Navy USA
John E "Jack" Bolling 1B US Army  
Donald R "Don" Bollweg 1B US Army USA
Cecil G Bolton 1B US Army  
William C "Cliff" Bolton C US Army  
Julio G Bonetti P US Army  
Anthony T "Nino" Bongiovanni OF USAAF USA
William J "Bill" Bonness P US Army  
Henry J "Zeke" Bonura 1B US Army MTO
Raymond O "Ray" Boone IF US Navy  
Edward J "Red" Borom IF US Army  
Melvin E "Mel" Bosser P US Army  
John C Bottarini C USAAF  
David T "Tim" Bowden OF US Army  
Grover B Bowers OF US Army ETO
Charles J "Charlie" Bowles P USAAF USA
Robert R "Bob" Boyd 1B/OF US Army  
Cloyd V Boyer P US Navy USA
Gilbert H "Gibby" Brack OF US Navy PACIFIC
Henry V "Vic" Bradford OF US Navy USA
William D "Bill" Bradford P US Navy  
Fred L Bradley P US Navy  
George T Bradshaw C US Marine Corps  
Robert R "Bobby" Bragan SS-C US Army USA
Arthur W "Art" Bramhall IF USAAF USA
Albert "Al" Brancato SS US Navy PACIFIC
Norman D "Norm" Branch P US Coast Guard USA
William G "Bill" Brandt P US Navy USA
Alpha E "Al" Brazle P US Army ETO
William R "Bill" Breckinridge P US Army  
Herbert F "Herb" Bremer C US Army ETO
John H "Jack" Brewer P US Navy  
Thomas J D Bridges P US Army USA
Leland V "Lou" Brissie P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
John A "Jack" Brittin P US Navy PACIFIC
John J "Johnny" Broaca P US Army  
Kenneth L "Ken" Brondell P US Army  
Sigmund T "Sig" Broskie C US Navy  
Giuseppe G "Joe" Brovia OF US Army  
Walter I Brown P US Navy  
James R "Jimmy" Brown IF USAAF  
Willard J "Big Bill" Brown OF US Army ETO
Norman "Norm" Brown P US Army  
Hector H "Hal" Brown P USAAF ETO
Robert W "Bobby" Brown 3B US Navy  
Walter G "Jumbo" Brown P US Navy USA
John L "Lindsay" Brown SS US Navy  
Jack Bruner P US Navy  
Walter R "Roy" Bruner P US Navy USA
William H "Bill" Bruton OF US Army  
Harold F "Hal" Bubser 1B US Army  
John G "Johnny" Bucha C US Navy  
Garland M Buckeye P US Navy  
Michael J "Mike" Budnick P US Navy PACIFIC
Cyril O "Cy" Buker P US Army USA
Nelson E Burbrink C US Navy  
Selva L "Lew" Jr Burdette P USAAF  
Forrest H "Smoky" Burgess C US Army  
William M "Bill" Burich SS-3B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert J "Bobby" Burke P US Navy  
George H Burpo P US Navy USA
Paul R Burris C US Army  
Edward F "Moe" Burtschy P US Navy  
James F "Jim" Busby OF US Army  
Joseph H "Joe" Buskey SS US Army  
Wilburn R "Bill" Butland P US Army PACIFIC
Ralph S Buxton P US Navy  
Samuel D "Sammy" Byrd OF US Navy  
Harry G Byrd P US Army  
Thomas J "Tommy" Byrne P US Navy MEDITERRANEAN
Thomas "Tom" Cafego OF US Army  
Robert M "Bob" Cain P US Navy  
Bruce Caldwell OF US Navy  
Frederick J "Fred" Caligiuri P US Army ETO/MTO
Henry R "Hank" Camelli C US Army  
Alexander S "Al" Campanis (Campani) 2B US Navy USA
Paul M Campbell 1B USAAF ETO
Clarence "Soup" Campbell OF US Army PACIFIC
Bruce D Campbell OF USAAF USA
John M Campbell P US Navy  
Mario C "Milo" Candini P US Army PACIFIC
Michael J "Mike" Cantwell P US Marine Corps  
John B Carden P US Marine Corps USA
Thomas F A "Tom" Carey 2B US Navy PACIFIC
James A "Jim" Carlin OF US Navy PACIFIC
Donald Carlsen P US Army  
Edwin E "Ed" Carnett OF US Navy USA
Daniel J "Dan" Carnevale COACH US Army ETO
Robert L "Bob" Carpenter P US Army USA
H Sam Carrigan UMPIRE US Navy  
Walter L "Kit" Carson OF US Army  
Frank W Carswell OF US Marine Corps USA
Hugh T Casey P US Navy PACIFIC
Jack D Cassini 2B USAAF USA
James V "Jim" Castiglia C US Army USA
Peter P "Pete" Castiglione 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Hardin A Cathey P US Army  
Rex R Cecil P US Army  
Marvin A "Pete" Center P USAAF USA
Bob Chakales P    
Bill Chamberlain P US Army  
Spurgeon F "Spud" Chandler P US Army USA
Edward O "Ed" Chandler P USAAF PACIFIC
Edwin V "Ed" Chapman P US Navy PACIFIC
Samuel B "Sam" Chapman OF US Navy USA
William F "Fred" Chapman SS US Navy PACIFIC
William B "Ben" Chapman OF-P US Navy USA
Paul Chervinko C USAAF  
Robert V "Bob" Chesnes P Coast Guard  
Mitchell "Mitch" Chetkovich P US Army  
Louis P "Lou" Chiozza IF US Army  
Robert H "Bob" Chipman P US Army  
Walter J Chipple (Chilipala) OF US Navy USA
Emory N "Bubba" Church P USAAF CBI
Nestor L, Jr Chylak UMPIRE US Army ETO
Lawrence T "Larry" Ciaffone OF US Army  
Thaddeus W "Ted" Cieslak 3B US Army USA
Albert J "Al" Cihocki IF Coast Guard  
Louis A "Lou" Ciola P US Navy PACIFIC
George J. Cisar OF US Army  
Alfred A "Allie" Clark OF US Army  
Melvin E "Mel" Clark OF US Navy PACIFIC
Michael J "Mike" Clark P US Army  
William S "Stu" Clarke IF US Navy  
James B “Buzz” Clarkson SS US Army  
Joseph C "Joe" Cleary P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Chester S "Chet" Clemens OF US Navy  
William M "Bill" Clemensen P US Army  
Thomas K "Tom" Clyde P US Army  
David L "Dave" Coble C USAAF  
Gordon S "Mickey" Cochrane C US Navy PACIFIC
Andrew H "Andy" Cohen 2B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Richard R "Dick" Cole IF US Army  
Edward W "Ed" Cole (Kisleauskas) P US Army  
Gerald F "Jerry" Coleman 2B US Navy/USMC PACIFIC
Joseph P "Joe" Coleman P US Navy PACIFIC
Raymond L "Ray" Coleman OF US Navy MTO/PACIFIC
Edward T, Jr "Eddie" Collins OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph E "Joe" Collins (Kollonige) 1B US Navy  
Merrill R "Merl" Combs IF US Army  
Clint Conatser OF Coast Guard PACIFIC
Richard "Dick" Conger P US Marine Corps  
William W "Bill" Connelly P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Mervin T "Bud" Connolly SS US Navy  
Mervin J "Merv" Connors 3B-1B US Army ETO
Kevin J A "Chuck" Connors 1B US Army USA
William G "Bill" Conroy C US Navy USA
Jack C Conway SS US Navy PACIFIC
Herbert L "Herb" Conyers 1B USAAF  
Rollin E Cook P US Army  
Allen L "Dusty" Cooke OF US Navy USA
Raymond F "Bobby" Coombs P US Navy PACIFIC
Robert D "Bob" Cooney P US Army  
William W "Walker" Cooper C US Navy USA
Orge P "Pat" Cooper 1B-P US Army  
Calvin A "Cal" Cooper P US Navy  
Mays Copeland P US Army  
Henry P Coppola P US Navy  
Claude E Corbitt IF USAAF USA
Al Corwin P US Navy USA
Edward C "Ed" Cotter IF US Navy  
Clinton D "Clint" Courtney C US Army PACIFIC
William D "Bill" Cox P US Army USA
William R "Billy" Cox SS-3B US Army ETO
Harry F Craft OF US Navy PACIFIC
Howard O Craghead P US Navy  
Henry C "Shag" Crawford UMPIRE US Navy PACIFIC
Patrick F "Pat" Creeden 2B US Navy  
Bernard O "Bernie" Creger SS US Navy  
Robert A "Bob" Cremins P USAAF PACIFIC
Frank A J "Creepy" Crespi 2B US Army USA
Walker J Cress P    
John M "Jack" Crimian P US Army  
Joffre J "Jeff" Cross IF US Navy USA
Frank D "Dingle" Croucher SS-2B USAAF USA
George D Crowe 1B US Army CBI
Alfred E "Al" Cuccinello 2B Coast Guard  
Bernard A "Bud" Culloton P US Army  
Benjamin B "Benny" Culp C US Navy  
Vernon E "Vern" Curtis P US Navy  
Nicholas D "Dom" Dallessandro OF US Army USA
Frederick C "Tony" Daniels 2B US Marine Corps  
Harry "The Horse" Danning C USAAF USA
Clifford R "Cliff" Dapper C US Navy PACIFIC
Alvin R "Al" Dark SS US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Frank Dascoli UMPIRE US Coast Guard  
Robert F "Bob" Daughters PR US Navy  
James B "Jim" Davis P US Marine Corps  
John H "Red" Davis 3B USAAF  
Lawrence C "Crash" Davis 2B US Navy USA
Otis A "Scat" Davis OF US Navy USA
Thomas O "Tod" Davis IF US Army  
George A Davis P US Army  
Woodrow W "Woody" Davis P US Navy  
Ellis F "Cot" Deal P USAAF USA
Alfred L "Chubby" Dean P-1B USAAF PACIFIC
Paul D "Daffy" Dean P US Army  
Michael D "Mike" Dejan OF US Army  
William C "Bill" DeKoning C Merchant Marine  
Garton L Del Savio SS Coast Guard  
James H "Jim" Delsing OF US Army ETO
William L "Billy" DeMars SS US Navy USA
Samuel J "Sam" Dente IF US Army  
Eugene A "Gene" Desautels C US Marine Corps USA
Robert S "Ducky" Detweiler 3B US Army USA
Melvin E "Mel" Deutsch P US Army  
Charles "Charlie" Devens P US Navy  
George W "Skeets" Dickey C US Navy PACIFIC
William M "Bill" Dickey C US Naval Reserve PACIFIC
George E "Emerson" Dickman P US Navy  
Murry M Dickson P US Army ETO
Charles E A "Chuck" Diering OF US Army PACIFIC
Lloyd A "Dutch" Dietz P US Army USA
Robert B "Bob" Dillinger 3B USAAF PACIFIC
Dominic P "Dom" DiMaggio OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph "Joe" DiMaggio OF USAAF PACIFIC
Robert L P "Bob" DiPietro OF US Army  
John C "Sonny" Dixon P US Navy PACIFIC
Raymond J "Ray" Dobens P US Navy CBI
Andrew J "Jess" Dobernic P US Army  
Joseph G "Joe" Dobson P US Army USA
Lawrence E "Larry" Doby OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert P "Bobby" Doerr 2B US Army USA
August "Augie" Donatelli UMPIRE USAAF ETO
Willard E "Bill" Donovan P US Navy  
Harry "Fritz" Dorish P US Army PACIFIC
Calvin L "Cal" Dorsett P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
John F Douglas 1B US Navy USA
Howard J "Danny" Doyle C USAAF USA
Thomas K "Tom" Drake P US Navy  
Clemens J "Clem" Dreisewerd P US Navy USA
Walter "Walt" Dropo 1B US Army ETO
John J Dudra IF US Army  
Grant L Dunlap OF US Marine Corps  
Elmer C "Red" Durrett OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Ervin F "Erv" Dusak OF-P US Army PACIFIC
James R "Jim" Dyck 3B-OF US Navy  
Thomas F A "Tom" Earley P US Navy USA
Jacob W "Jake" Early C US Army ETO
George L "Moose" Earnshaw P US Navy PACIFIC
Gordon H "Hugh" East P US Navy USA
Luscious Luke "Luke" Easter 1B US Army  
Zebulon V "Zeb" Eaton P US Army  
John G "Johnny" Echols IF US Army  
Charles W "Charlie" Eckert P USAAF  
Henry A "Hank" Edwards OF US Army USA
Charles B "Bruce" Edwards C US Army ETO
Foster H Edwards P US Army  
Elmer A Eggert 2B USAAF  
Jacob H "Jake" Eisenhart P US Army  
Harry Eisenstat P USAAF  
Henry K "Heinie" Elder P US Army  
Peter "Pete" Elko 3B US Army USA
Harry L. Elliott OF US Navy USA
Charles W "Red" Embree P US Army  
William F "Bill" Endicott OF US Army  
Charles D "Charlie" English IF    
Delmer "Del" Ennis OF US Navy PACIFIC
Russell E "Russ" Ennis C US Army  
Albert P "Al" Epperly P    
Harold F "Hal" Epps OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Aubrey L "Yo-Yo" Epps C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Edward L S "Eddie" Erautt P US Army USA
Joseph M "Joe" Erautt C USAAF PACIFIC
Harold J "Hal" Erickson P USAAF PACIFIC
Calvin C "Cal" Ermer 2B US Marine Corps USA
Carl D Erskine P US Navy USA
Lawrence "Larry" Eschen   USAAF ETO
William L "Bill" Evans P US Army ETO
Alfred H "Al" Evans C US Navy USA
Russell E "Red" Evans P US Navy  
Walter A "Hoot" Evers OF USAAF USA
George L Eyrich P US Navy PACIFIC
Everett J Fagan P US Army  
Gerald "Jerry" Fahr P US Army ETO
Ferris "Burrhead" Fain 1B USAAF PACIFIC
George D "Flash" Fallon SS-2B    
William J "Jim" Fanning C US Army ETO
Frank J Fanovich P USAAF ETO
Luvern C "Vern" Fear P US Navy  
Alfred "Al" Federoff 2B-SS USAAF  
William P "Dutch" Fehring C US Navy USA
Edward I "Eddie" Feinberg SS US Army ETO
Marvin W "Marv" Felderman C US Navy PACIFIC
Robert W A "Bob" Feller P US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
Edward P "Ed" Fernandes C US Navy USA
Froilan "Nanny" Fernandez 3B USAAF PACIFIC
William J "Bill" Ferrazzi P US Navy  
Thomas J "Tom" Ferrick P US Navy PACIFIC
David M "Dave" Ferriss P USAAF USA
Wilson L "Chick" Fewster IF Merchant Marine  
Lawrence S "Sam" File IF Coast Guard  
Stephen C "Steve" Filipowicz OF-C US Marine Corps  
Thomas M "Tommy" Fine P USAAF  
Charles W "Carl" Fischer P USAAF  
Edward "Ed" Fitz Gerald C US Army ETO
Joseph P "Joe" Fitzgerald COACH US Army USA
Walter L "Wally" Flager SS US Army  
John F "Red" Flaherty UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Albert D "Al" Flair 1B US Army PACIFIC
Raymond A "Ray" Flanigan P US Army ETO
Leslie F "Bill" Fleming P US Army USA
Alfred V "Van" Fletcher P US Army ETO
Elburt P "Elbie" Fletcher 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Charles W "Wes" Flowers P US Navy  
Stuart M "Stu" Flythe P US Army  
Dee V Fondy 1B US Army ETO
Richard J "Dick" Fowler P Canadian Army CANADA
Charlie F "Irish" Fox C US Navy ATLANTIC
Frederick M "Fred" Frankhouse P US Army  
James W "Jack" Franklin P US Army  
Murray A "Moe" Franklin 3B US Navy USA
Herman L Franks C US Navy PACIFIC
Arthur F "Bud" Frantz UMPIRE USAAF  
Joseph F "Joe" Frazier OF Coast Guard  
Edwin C "Ed" Freed OF US Army  
George W Freese 3B USAAF  
Vern D Freiberger 1B US Navy  
Antonio "Tony" Freitas P USAAF ETO
Lawrence "Larry" French P US Navy ETO/PACIFIC
Walter E French OF US Army  
Linus R "Lonny" Frey 2B US Army USA
James R "Jim" Fridley OF US Army  
Fred F Frink OF US Marine Corps  
Charlie A. Frye P US Army USA
Carl A "Skoonj" Furillo OF US Army PACIFIC
Lester L "Les" Fusselman C US Army  
Frank H Gabler P Coast Guard  
Kenneth H "Ken" Gables P US Army  
Leonard H "Len" Gabrielson 1B US Navy  
Willard R "Nemo" Gaines P US Navy  
Milton "Milt" Galatzer OF US Army  
Dennis W "Denny" Galehouse P US Navy USA
Joseph E "Joe" Gallagher OF US Army  
Stanley J "Stan" Galle (Galazewski) 3B US Coast Guard  
Lee J Gamble OF US Army USA
Joseph  S "Joe" Gantenbein IF US Army  
Joseph H "Joe" Garagiola C US Army PACIFIC
Alexander "Alex" Garbowski P US Army  
Edward M "Mike" Garcia P US Army ETO
David "Dave" Garcia MANAGER US Army  
Arthur E "Art" Garibaldi IF Coast Guard  
Virgil C "Cecil" Garriott OF US Army  
Robert F "Ford" Garrison OF US Navy USA
Ned F Garver P US Navy  
Sidney A "Sid" Gautreaux C US Army PACIFIC
Eugene F J "Huck" Geary SS US Navy USA
Peter "Pete" Gebrian P US Army  
Elmer J Gedeon OF USAAF ETO
Charles L "Charlie" Gehringer 2B US Navy USA
Paul A Gehrman P US Army  
Charles M "Charlie" Gelbert SS-3B US Navy USA
Joseph E "Joe" Genewich P US Navy  
George M Genovese SS US Army  
Samuel C "Sam" Gentile OF US Navy  
Stephen P "Steve" Gerkin P US Army USA
John G "Johnny" Gerlach IF USAAF  
Floyd G Giebell P US Coast Guard USA
Charles M "Charlie" Gilbert OF US Navy PACIFIC
Andrew "Andy" Gilbert OF USAAF  
Paul A Gillespie C US Coast Guard  
Myron N "Joe" Ginsberg C US Army PACIFIC
Albert F "Al" Gionfriddo OF US Army USA
James W "Jim" Gladd C US Army ETO
Roland E Gladu 3B US Army  
Thomas G "Tommy" Glaviano IF US Coast Guard PACIFIC
James J "Jim" Gleeson OF US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph C "Joe" Glenn (Gurzensky) C US Navy PACIFIC
Alban "Al" Glossop IF US Navy PACIFIC
William V "Bill" Glynn 1B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Leslie E "Lonnie" Goldstein 1B US Army USA
Isadore "Izzy" Goldstein P US Army  
Stanley "Stan" Goletz P USAAF  
Mike M Goliat 2B US Army PACIFIC
Joe M "Smokey" Gonzales P US Navy PACIFIC
William D "Billy" Goodman 2B-3B US Navy PACIFIC
James P "Jim" Goodwin P US Army  
Raymond D "Ray" Goolsby OF US Army  
Sidney "Sid" Gordon 3B-OF US Coast Guard USA
Joseph L "Joe" Gordon SS USAAF PACIFIC
Thomas A Gorman   US Navy PACIFIC
Thomas D "Tom" Gorman P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Herbert A "Herb" Gorman OF US Coast Guard  
Henry F "Hank" Gornicki P US Army USA
John J P "Johnny" Gorsica (Gorczyca) P US Navy USA
Nicholas E "Nick" Goulish OF US Army  
Henry M "Hank" Gowdy COACH US Army USA
Joseph L "Joe" Grace OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert E "Earl" Grace C US Army  
John B "Jack" Graham OF-1B USAAF  
Newton M "Mickey" Grasso C US Army N AFRICA
John L "Johnny" Gray   US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Ted G Gray P US Navy PACIFIC
William H "Bill" Greason P US Marine Corps  
Henry B "Hank" Greenberg OF-1B US Army/USAAF CBI
Kent Greenfield P USAAF  
Paul E Gregory P US Navy USA
Lewis E "Buddy" Gremp 1B US Navy USA
Ross A Grimsley P USAAF ETO
Lee T Grissom P US Army USA
Marvin E "Marv" Grissom P US Navy  
John "Johnny" Grodzicki P US Army ETO
Howard H. "Howdy" Groskloss IF US Navy PACIFIC
John T "Johnny" Groth OF US Navy USA
Ernest W "Ernie" Groth P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Sigmund S "Sig" Gryska SS US Navy  
Benjamin J "Ben" Guintini OF US Army  
Witt O "Lefty" Guise P US Army  
Louis J "Lou" Guisto 1B US Navy  
Harry E "Gunboat" Gumbert P US Army USA
Randall P "Randy" Gumpert P US Coast Guard  
Berthold J "Bert" Haas 1B-3B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert J "Bob" Habenicht P USAAF  
Warren L Hacker P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Richard F "Dick" Hahn C US Navy  
Samuel "Sammy" Hairston C    
Chester "Chet" Hajduk 1B US Navy PACIFIC
George S Halas OF US Navy  
Robert L "Bob" Hall P Coast Guard  
William A "Bill" Hallahan P US Army  
Jack P Hallett P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph C Hamner P US Navy PACIFIC
Granville W "Granny" Hamner SS US Army  
Raymond B "Ray" Hamrick 2B-SS US Navy USA
Morris M "Buddy" Hancken C US Marine Corps  
Roy E F "Snipe" Hansen P   PACIFIC
Andrew V "Andy" Hansen P US Army  
Donald T "Don" Hanski (Hanyzewski) P US Army  
William E "Bud" Hardin IF US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Francis J "Red" Hardy P US Navy  
William B "Bill" Harman P US Marine Corps  
Charles B "Chuck" Harmon 3B-OF US Navy USA
Maurice C "Mickey" Harris P US Army CANAL ZONE
Robert N "Ned" Harris OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert A "Bob" Harris P US Navy PACIFIC
Chalmer L "Lum" Harris P US Navy PACIFIC
Charles "Bubba" Harris P US Navy  
Earl "Irish" Harrist P USAAF  
Samuel "Sam" Harshany C US Naval Reserve PACIFIC
John E "Jack" Harshman P US Navy USA
Christian H "Chris" Hartje C Coast Guard  
Roy T "Spec" Hartsfield 2B US Navy USA
Clinton C "Clint" Hartung P-OF USAAF USA
Donald I "Don" Hasenmayer 2B-3B US Navy  
John A "Buddy" Hassett 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Charles E "Gene" Hasson 1B US Army  
Fred J Hatfield IF US Army  
Ray W Hathaway P US Navy PACIFIC
Joseph H "Joe" Hatten P US Navy  
Grady E Hatton 3B-2B USAAF USA
Christopher F "Chris" Haughey P US Army USA
Philip D "Phil" Haugstad P    
James M "Jim" Hayes P US Navy  
Edward M "Ed" Head P US Army USA
Jehosie "Jay" Heard P US Army  
James T "Jim" Hearn P US Army PACIFIC
Thomas G "Tommy" Heath C US Army  
Wallace A "Wally" Hebert P US Navy  
Randolph R "Randy" Heflin P US Navy  
James E "Jim" Hegan C US Coast Guard  
Val R Heim OF US Navy USA
Kenneth A "Ken" Heintzelman P US Army ETO
Henry H "Hank" Helf C US Navy  
Ralston B "Rollie" Hemsley C US Navy PACIFIC
Solly Hemus IF    
Thomas D "Tommy" Henrich OF US Coast Guard USA
Roy K Henshaw P US Navy  
William J B "Billy" Herman 2B US Navy PACIFIC
Eugene V "Gene" Hermanski OF US Coast Guard USA
Charles L "Buck" Herzog IF US Army  
John E "Johnny" Hetki P US Army  
James R "Jim" Hickey P US Navy USA
Clarence W "Buddy" Hicks IF US Navy  
Walter "Kirby" Higbe P US Army PACIFIC
Michael F "Pinky" Higgins 3B US Navy USA
Andrew A "Andy" High 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Walter F  "Whitey" Hilcher P US Army ETO
Jesse T Hill OF US Navy USA
Avitus B "Vedie" Himsl MANAGER US Navy  
Harley P Hisner P US Army USA
William C "Billy" Hitchcock SS-3B USAAF PACIFIC
Jimmy Hitchcock SS US Navy  
Lloyd E Hittle P US Army  
Myril O Hoag OF USAAF  
Melvin A "Mel" Hoderlein IF USAAF  
Gilbert R "Gil" Hodges (Hodge) 1B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Elmer R "Ralph" Hodgin OF-3B US Army USA
Aloysius J "Eli" Hodkey P US Army  
Frank J "Lefty" Hoerst P US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
Robert G "Bobby" Hofman IF US Army ETO
Robert C "Bobby" Hogue P US Navy  
Robert N "Bob" Hooper P USAAF  
Richard L "Dick" Hoover P US Navy  
James M "Jim" Hopper P US Army USA
Vernard A "Vern" Hoscheit COACH USAAF USA
Ralph G "Major" Houk C US Army ETO
Lee V "Lefty" Howard P US Navy PACIFIC
Calvin E Howe P US Army  
Homer E "Dixie" Howell C US Army ETO
Millard "Dixie" Howell P US Army ETO
Roland E "Tex" Hoyle P US Army  
Otto Huber IF US Army  
George W "Willis" Hudlin P USAAF  
Sidney C "Sid" Hudson P USAAF PACIFIC
Benjamin F "Ben" Huffman C US Navy PACIFIC
Thomas O "Tommy" Hughes P US Army USA
James R "Jim" Hughes P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Cecil C "Tex" Hughson P USAAF PACIFIC
Oliver J "Joel" Hunt OF USAAF  
Herbert H "Herb" Hunter IF US Navy  
Frederick C "Fred" Hutchinson P US Navy PACIFIC
Clarence E "Hooks" Iott P USAAF USA
Monford "Monte" Irvin OF US Army ETO
Ray Jablonski 3B    
Ranson J "Randy" Jackson 3B US Navy USA
John L Jackson P US Army  
Anthony R "Tony" Jacobs P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Leroy G "Roy" Jarvis C US Navy  
Forrest V. "Spook" Jacobs 2B US Amy  
Harold B "Hal" Jeffcoat OF/P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Frank A Jelinich OF US Navy  
William L "Bill" Jennings SS Merchant Marine  
Virgil M. Jester P US Navy PACIFIC
Arthur H "Art" Johnson P US Navy PACIFIC
Earl D "Lefty" Johnson P US Army ETO
Adam R, Jr "Rankin" Johnson P US Navy PACIFIC
Silas K "Si" Johnson P US Navy USA
William R "Billy" Johnson 3B US Army ETO
Kenneth W "Ken" Johnson P US Army PACIFIC
Clifford “Connie” Johnson P US Army  
Ernest T "Ernie" Johnson P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Donald R "Don" Johnson P US Army PACIFIC
Russell C "Jing" Johnson P US Navy  
Roy M "Pop" Joiner P US Army  
Stanley E "Stan" Jok 3B-OF US Navy  
David "Dave" Jolly P US Army  
Dale E "Nubs" Jones P US Navy PACIFIC
James M "Jake" Jones 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Vernal L "Nippy" Jones 1B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Sheldon L "Available" Jones P USAAF CANAL ZONE
Willie E "Puddin' Head" Jones 3B US Navy  
Milton M Jordan P USAAF  
Niles C "Sonny" Jordan P US Navy PACIFIC
John D "Spider" Jorgenson 3B USAAF  
Walter F "Walt" Judnich OF USAAF PACIFIC
Howard K "Howie" Judson P US Navy  
John S "Red" Juelich 3B US Army  
Kenneth P "Ken" Jungels P US Army USA
Alvin J "Al" Jurisich P US Coast Guard USA
Robert W "Bob" Kahle 3B US Navy  
Frank B "Fats" Kalin (Kalinkiewicz) OF US Army  
Alexis W "Alex" Kampouris 2B USAAF  
Martin G "Marty" Karow (Karowsky) IF US Navy  
Herbert "Herb" Karpel P US Army ETO
Edward T "Eddie" Kazak (Tkaczuk) 3B US Army ETO
Edward P "Eddie" Kearse C US Army  
Robert C "Bob" Keegan P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Chester L "Chet" Kehn P USAAF PACIFIC
Francis E "Frankie" Kelleher OF US Army USA
Charles E Keller OF Merchant Marine USA
Alexander R "Alex" Kellner P US Navy PACIFIC
William H "Bill" Kelly 1B US Army  
Kenneth F "Ken" Keltner 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Robert D "Bob" Kennedy 3B-OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
William G "Bill" Kennedy P US Army ETO
Montia C "Monte" Kennedy P US Army USA
Arthur J  "Art" Kenney P USAAF ETO
Wayman W "Bill" Kerksieck P US Army  
Russell E "Russ" Kerns C US Army ETO
Ellis R "Old Folks" Kinder P US Army  
Ralph M Kiner OF US Navy Air Corps PACIFIC
Lynn P King OF USAAF  
Ernest A "Ernie" Kish OF Coast Guard  
George M Kissell COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Hubert M "Hub" Kittle COACH US Army  
Louis F "Lou" Klein 2B US Coast Guard USA
Theodore O "Ted" Kleinhans P US Army ETO
Robert H "Bob" Klinger P US Navy PACIFIC
Austin Knickerbocker OF US Army  
William H "Bill" Knickerbocker SS US Army  
John "Jack" Knott P US Army ETO
Richard F. "Dick" Koecher P US Navy PACIFIC
Donald M "Don" Kolloway 2B US Army ETO
Bruno B "Bruce" Konopka 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Casimir James "Jim" Konstanty P US Navy USA
Clement J "Clem" Koshorek IF US Army  
George B "Dave" Koslo (Koslowski) P US Army ETO
Michael T "Mike" Kosman OF US Marine Corps  
Ernest A "Ernie" Koy OF US Navy  
Albert K "Al" Kozar 2B US Army  
Joseph P "Joe" Kracher C US Army  
Joseph V L "Joe" Krakauskas P RCAF CANADA
John H "Jack" Kramer P US Navy USA
John W "Jack" Kraus P US Army USA
Lewis B "Lew" Krausse P US Army  
Albert J "Mickey" Kreitner C US Army  
Charles S "Charlie" Kress 1B US Army  
Louis H "Lou" Kretlow P USAAF USA
Kurt F Krieger P US Army  
Howard W "Howie" Krist P US Army ETO
Richard D "Dick" Kryhoski 1B US Navy PACIFIC
John A "Johnny" Kucab P US Army  
Stanislaw L "Steve" Kuczek SS US Army ETO
Bernard C "Bert" Kuczynski P US Navy PACIFIC
Emil B Kush P US Navy USA
Robert L "Bob" Kuzava P US Army CBI
Alexander "Al" Kvasnak OF US Army  
Clement W "Clem" Labine P US Army  
Doyle M "Porky" Lade P US Coast Guard  
Joseph J "Joe" Lafata OF-1B US Army  
Alfred A "Al" LaMacchia P US Army  
Frank "Hank" Lamanna P USAAF  
Raymond S "Ray" Lamanno C US Navy PACIFIC
Frank Lamanske P    
Eugene M "Gene" Lambert P US Army  
Clayton P Lambert P USAAF USA
Stanley A "Stan" Landes UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Walter O "Walt" Lanfranconi P US Army  
Donald C "Don" Lang 3B USAAF PACIFIC
Hubert M "Max" Lanier P US Army USA
John Y "Johnny" Lanning P US Army  
Paul E LaPalme P US Army ETO
Andrew "Andy" Lapihuska P US Army ETO
Raoul R "Ralph" LaPointe SS US Army USA
Harry A "Cookie" Lavagetto 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Garland F Lawing OF US Army ETO
Brooks U Lawrence P US Army  
Alfred V "Roxie" Lawson P    
Peter J "Pete" Laydon OF USAAF PACIFIC
Ivoria H "Hillis" Layne 3B US Army  
Lester L "Les" Layton OF US Navy  
DeWitt W "Bevo" LeBourveau OF US Navy  
Roy E Lee P US Navy  
Wilfred H "Bill" LeFebvre P-PH US Army  
Edgar E "Ed" Leip 2B US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Robert G "Bob" Lemon P US Navy PACIFIC
Donald E "Don" Lenhardt OF US Navy ATLANTIC/PACIFIC
John J Leovich C US Coast Guard USA
George E Lerchen OF US Navy  
Charlie Letchas 2B US Army  
James J "Jim" Levey SS US Army  
Edward C "Ed" Levy OF Coast Guard  
John K "Buddy" Lewis 3B-OF USAAF CBI
Don Liddle P US Navy  
Bill Lillard SS    
Louis "Lou" Limmer 1B USAAF  
Lyman G Linde P USAAF  
John H "Johnny" Lindell OF-P US Army USA
Walter C "Walt" Linden C US Army  
Royce J Lint P USAAF  
John J "Johnny" Lipon SS USAAF  
Daniel W "Danny" Litwhiler OF US Army USA
Everett A "Buddy" Lively P US Army ETO
Wesley A "Wes" Livengood P US Navy PACIFIC
Thompson O "Mickey" Livingston C US Army USA
Robert K "Bob" Loane OF US Army  
William C  "Bill" Lobe COACH US Army ETO
Carroll W "Whitey" Lockman OF M't Marine/US Army PACIFIC
Dario A Lodigiani 3B-2B USAAF PACIFIC
John "Johnny" Logan SS US Army  
Jack W "Lucky" Lohrke 3B-2B US Army  
Victor A "Vic" Lombardi P US Navy  
Joseph P. "Joe" Lonnett C US Navy  
Stanley E "Stan" Lopata C US Army ETO
Arthur Lopatka P US Army  
Omar J "Turk" Lown P US Army ETO
Harry L "Peanuts" Lowrey OF US Army USA
Samuel J "Sam" Lowry P US Army  
Hugh M "Hal" Luby 3B US Navy  
John "Johnny" Lucadello 2B-3B US Navy PACIFIC
Ray W Lucas P US Navy USA
Joseph E. Lucey P/INF    
Edward P "Eddie" Lukon OF US Army  
Ulysses J "Tony" Lupien 1B US Navy USA
Rollin J "Joe" Lutz 1B US Marine Corps  
Matthew D "Dummy" Lynch 2B US Army  
Jerome E "Jerry" Lynn 2B US Army ETO
Theodore "Ted" Lyons P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Albert H "Al" Lyons P US Navy PACIFIC
Edward H "Eddie" Lyons 2B US Navy  
Herschel E "Hersh" Lyons P USAAF MEDITERRANEAN
Raymond J "Ray" Mack (Mickovsky) 2B US Army  
John J Mackinson P US Army  
Max C Macon P US Army USA
Harry W MacPherson P US Navy USA
Clarence J Maddern OF US Army ETO
Edward W "Ed" Madjeski C    
Salvador "Sal" Madrid SS USAAF  
Jack Maguire OF US Army  
Arthur L "Art" Mahan 1B US Navy USA
John W "Duster" Mails P US Marine Corps  
Forrest H "Woody" Main P US Marine Corps  
Henry "Hank" Majeski 3B US Coast Guard USA
Anthony F "Tony" Malinosky IF US Army ETO
Malcolm F "Mal" Mallette P USAAF  
Leslie C "Les" Mallon 2B US Navy  
Robert P "Bob" Malloy P US Army  
Edward R "Eddie" Malone C US Navy  
Gordon R Maltzberger P US Army  
Francis O "Frank" Mancuso C US Army USA
Donald D Manno IF US Navy USA
Richard W "Dick" Manville P US Navy ATLANTIC
Clifford "Cliff" Mapes OF US Navy PACIFIC
Philip "Phil" Marchildon P RCAF ETO
Cleneth E "Gene" Markland 2B US Army  
Harry S "Hal" Marnie 2B US Army USA
Robert "Bob" Marquis OF US Navy  
Fred F Marsh IF US Navy  
William Henry Marshall 2B US Navy USA
Charles A Marshall C US Army ETO
Milo M "Max" Marshall OF US Navy USA
Willard W Marshall OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Barnes R "Barney" Martin P US Navy MEDITERRANEAN
Raymond J "Ray" Martin P USAAF ETO
Fred T Martin P US Army PACIFIC
Morris W "Morrie" Martin P US Army ETO
Stuart M "Stu" Martin 2B US Navy  
Boris M "Babe" Martin (Martinovich) OF-C US Navy USA
Walter E "Walt" Masterson P US Navy PACIFIC
Gene W Mauch 2B-SS USAAF USA
Merrill G "Pinky" May 3B US Navy PACIFIC
James W "Buster" Maynard OF US Army USA
John L "Jack" Mayo OF US Marine Corps  
William G "Bill" McCahan P USAAF  
John W "Windy" McCall P US Marine Corps  
John J "Johnny" McCarthy 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Myron W "Mike" McCormick OF USAAF PACIFIC
William B "Barney" McCosky OF US Navy PACIFIC
Benjamin J "Benny" McCoy 2B US Navy USA
Clyde E McCullough C US Navy USA
Pinson L "Phil" McCullough P US Navy PACIFIC
Robert "Maje" McDonnell COACH US Army ETO
Frank McElyea OF US Army  
Edward J "Eddie" McGah C US Navy PACIFIC
Daniel A "Dan" McGee SS US Navy PACIFIC
Ezra M "Pat" McGlothin P US Navy USA
Tullis E "Mickey" McGowan P US Navy PACIFIC
John J McHale 1B US Navy USA
Rogers H McKee P US Navy USA
William F McKinley UMPIRE US Army ETO
Wayne G McLeland P US Army  
Ralph A McLeod OF US Army ETO
Soule J "Jim" McLeod 3B US Army  
Calvin C J C T "Cal" McLish P US Army ETO
Carl M McNabb 2B US Army USA
Glenn R "Red" McQuillen OF US Navy PACIFIC
Irving J "Irv" Medlinger P US Army  
Russell H "Russ" Meers P US Navy PACIFIC
Sabath A "Sam" Mele OF US Marine Corps USA
Reuben F "Rube" Melton P US Army USA
Lloyd A Merriman OF US Marine Corps USA
John W "Jack" Merson 2B-3B US Army  
James V "Jim" Mertz P US Army  
William A "Bill" Metzig 2B US Army  
Lambert D "Dutch" Meyer 2B USAAF  
George F Meyer 2B US Navy USA
Russell C "Russ" Meyer P US Army USA
Edward A "Ed" Mickelson 1B USAAF USA
Richard "Dick" Midkiff P USAAF USA
Edward F. Mierkowicz OF US Army USA
Lawrence E "Larry" Miggins OF Merchant Marine ATLANTIC
Edward T "Eddie" Miksis 2B US Navy USA
Wilson D "Dee" Miles OF US Navy PACIFIC
Robert J "Bob" Miller P US Army PACIFIC
Ronald A "Ronnie" Miller P    
John A "Ox" Miller P US Army USA
Walter L "Wally" Millies C US Navy USA
Colonel B "Buster" Mills OF USAAF PACIFIC
Howard R "Lefty" Mills P US Army  
William H. "Bill" Mills C US Army USA
Albert J "Al" Milnar P US Army PACIFIC
William J "Pete" Milne OF US Navy  
Paul E Minner P US Army USA
Loren D "Dale" Mitchell OF US Army  
John R "Johnny" Mize 1B US Navy PACIFIC
John H Mohardt OF US Army  
William J "Bill" Moisan P US Army ETO
Fenton L Mole 1B USAAF  
Alex "Al" Monchak SS-2B US Army ETO
Rene Monteagudo P/OF US Army  
Jim I Mooney P US Navy  
Raymond L "Ray" Moore P US Army USA
Anselm W "Anse" Moore OF US Army ETO
D C "Dee" Moore C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Terry B Moore OF US Army CANAL ZONE
Lloyd A "Whitey" Moore P US Army  
Carlos W Moore P USAAF  
William A "Cy" Moore P US Army  
Euel W Moore P US Army  
William A "Scrappy" Moore 3B USAAF  
Robert M "Bobby" Morgan IF US Army ETO
Edward J "Ed" Moriarty 2B US Navy USA
Willard B "Bill" Morrell P USAAF MEDITERRANEAN
Newell O "Bud" Morse 2B US Army  
Walter J "Walt" Moryn OF US Navy  
Arnold R "Arnie" Moser   US Navy  
Howard G "Howie" Moss OF US Coast Guard USA
John L "Les" Moss C Merchant Marine  
Elisha M "Bitsy" Mott IF US Navy  
Glen H Moulder P USAAF  
Maurice J  "Mo" Mozzali COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Emmett J "Heinie" Mueller 2B US Army PACIFIC
Ray C Mueller C US Army USA
William L "Bill" Mueller OF US Navy USA
Leslie C "Les" Mueller P US Army  
Joseph G "Gordie" Mueller P US Navy  
Joseph A "Joe" Muir P US Marine Corps  
Hugh N Mulcahy P US Army PACIFIC
Ford P "Moon" Mullen 2B US Army USA
Richard C "Dick" Mulligan P USAAF USA
Patrick J "Pat" Mullin OF US Army USA
George D "Red" Munger P US Army ETO
Van Lingle Mungo P US Army  
Edward J "Ed" Murphy 1B US Army  
John J "Johnny" Murphy P US Navy  
Raymond L "Ray" Murray C USAAF  
Joseph A "Joe" Murray P US Navy  
Daniel E "Danny" Murtaugh 2B US Army USA
Stanley "Stan" Musial OF US Navy PACIFIC
Bernard J "Barney" Mussill P US Army USA
Stephen "Steve" Nagy P US Navy ETO
Samuel R Nahem P US Army ETO
Aloysius F "Al" Naples SS US Navy ATLANTIC
Earl E Naylor OF-P US Navy  
Robert O "Bob" Neighbors SS USAAF USA
Glenn R "Rocky" Nelson 1B US Army  
Ernest A "Ernie" Nevers P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Floyd E Newkirk P US Army  
Maurice M "Maury" Newlin P US Naval Reserve USA
Lamar A "Skeeter" Newsome IF US Army  
Constantine G "Gus" Niarhos C US Navy USA
Roy Nichols IF US Army  
Milton R "Milt" Nielsen OF    
Jacob L "Jack" Niemes P US Navy  
Alfred J "Al" Niemiec 2B US Navy USA
Leo W "Red" Nonnenkamp OF US Navy USA
Irving A "Irv" Noren OF US Army  
Ronald J "Ron" Northey OF US Army USA
Louis A "Lou" Novikoff OF USAAF  
Frank J Oceak COACH US Navy  
Walter A Ockey (Okpych) P US Army  
Paul O'Dea OF US Army  
James D "Jim" Oglesby 1B US Army USA
Leonard J "Len" Okrie C US Navy  
Thomas N "Tom" Oliver OF US Navy PACIFIC
Vern J Olsen P US Navy PACIFIC
Bernard C "Barney" Olsen OF US Navy  
Harry M O'Neill C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
John J "Buck" O'Neill COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Frederick R "Fritz" Ostermueller P US Army USA
Joseph P "Joe" Ostrowski P USAAF  
William A "Chink" Outen C US Army ETO/MTO/PACIFIC
Arnold M "Mickey" Owen C US Navy USA
Paul F Owens MANAGER US Army  
Daniel L "Danny" Ozark (Orzechowski) MANAGER US Army  
Don W Padgett OF-C US Navy USA
Michael R "Mike" Palagyi P US Army  
Richard P "Mike" Palm P USAAF  
Alfred T "Al" Papai P US Army  
Clarence M "Ace" Parker SS US Navy USA
Francis J "Salty" Parker IF    
Artie W "Art" Parks OF US Army  
Melvin L "Mel" Parnell P USAAF USA
Edward D "Dixie" Parsons C US Navy  
Roy R Partee C US Army  
Stanwood W "Stan" Partenheimer P US Army  
Arthur M "Art" Passarella UMPIRE US Army USA
Robert L "Bob" Patrick OF US Army  
George W "Bill" Patton C US Army  
Gene T Patton IF US Army USA
Theodore J "Ted" Pawelek C US Marine Corps USA
Franklin T "Frank" Pearce P US Navy  
Isssac O "Ike" Pearson P US Marine Corps USA
Leslie E "Les" Peden C US Army ETO
Stephen G "Steve" Peek P US Army ETO
Homer H Peel OF US Navy USA
Edward C "Eddie" Pellagrini SS-2B US Navy PACIFIC
James E "Jim" Pendleton OF-3B    
John J Perkovich P US Army ETO
Harry W Perkowski P US Navy PACIFIC/ETO
Leonard J "Len" Perme P US Navy  
John M "Johnny" Pesky (Paveskovich) SS US Navy PACIFIC
William D "Bill" Peterman C US Army USA
Russel D "Rusty" Peters IF US Army  
Kent F Peterson P US Army PACIFIC
Carl F "Buddy" Peterson SS US Navy  
George E Pfister C USAAF  
Raymond W "Bill" Phebus P US Army  
David E "Dave" Philley OF US Army  
Damon R Phillips SS US Army  
Jack D Phillips 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Nicholas T "Nick" Picciuto 3B US Army  
Aloysius E "Al" Piechota P US Army  
Raymond L "Ray" Pierce P US Navy  
Jess W Pike OF US Navy  
Antone J "Andy" Pilney OF US Navy USA
Henry H "Cotton" Pippen P US Navy  
Alexander "Alex" Pitko OF US Army  
Mizell G "Whitey" Platt OF US Navy PACIFIC
Rance Pless   US Navy PACIFIC
Cletus E "Boots" Poffenberger P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Hugh R Poland C US Army USA
Kenneth L "Ken" Polivka P US Navy  
Howard J "Howie" Pollett P USAAF PACIFIC
Raymond H "Ray" Poole OF US Army CANAL ZONE
David "Dave" Pope OF US Army USA
Edward J "Eddie" Popowski COACH US Army  
Richard T "Dick" Porter OF Coast Guard USA
Edwin C "Bob" Porterfield P US Army ETO
William "B'ncle Bill" Posedel P US Navy  
Louis Possehl P US Navy  
John S "Jack" Pramesa C US Marine Corps USA
Melvin A "Mel" Preibisch OF US Navy USA
James B "Jim" Prendergast P US Army ETO
Gerald E "Jerry" Priddy SS USAAF PACIFIC
Everett V "Pid" Purdy OF US Navy  
Frank A "Frankie" Pytlak C US Navy USA
Melvin D "Mel" Queen P US Army USA
James H "Hal" Quick SS USAAF  
Wellington H "Wimpy" Quinn P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Stephen S "Steve" Rachunok P US Army ETO
Marvin E "Marv" Rackley OF USAAF  
Raymond A "Rip" Radcliff OF US Navy USA
Kenneth D "Ken" Raffensberger P US Navy USA
Robert L "Bob" Ramazzotti IF US Army ETO
Frank R D "Ribs" Raney (Raniszewski) P US Navy  
Earl W Rapp OF US Army ETO
Joseph A "Goldie" Rapp 3B US Navy  
Victor J A "Vic" Raschi P USAAF  
George H "Buck" Redfern IF US Navy  
Ed Redys COACH US Army  
William J "Billy" Reed 2B US Army  
William E "Bill" Reeder P US Army PACIFIC
Harold H "Pee Wee" Reese SS US Navy PACIFIC
James H "Jimmie" Reese (Soloman) 2B US Army USA
Robert E "Bobby" Reeves IF US Army  
Herman C Reich OF USAAF  
Earl P Reid P US Army  
Thomas E "Tommy" Reis P US Army ETO
Harold P "Pete" Reiser OF US Army USA
James D "Jim" Reninger P US Navy USA
William B "Bill" Renna OF US Marine Corps USA
Dino P Restelli OF US Army PACIFIC
Robert J "Rocky" Rhawn IF US Army USA
John G "Gordon" Rhodes P US Army N AFRICA
John L Rice UMPIRE US Marine Corps  
Harold H "Hal" Rice OF US Army  
Woodrow E "Woody" Rich P US Marine Corps  
Donald L "Don" Richmond 3B US Army PACIFIC
Allen G "Al" Richter SS US Army ETO
Marvin A "Marv" Rickert OF US Coast Guard PACIFIC
Harvey D "Hank" Riebe C US Army ETO
Lewis S "Lew" Riggs 3B USAAF PACIFIC
John D "Johnny" Rigney P US Navy PACIFIC
William J "Bill" Rigney 2B-3B US Coast Guard  
Culley Rikard OF USAAF USA
Walter F "Walt" Ripley P USAAF  
Manuel J "Jim" Rivera OF US Army USA
Arthur B "Tink" Riviere P US Army  
John C "Johnny" Rizzo OF US Navy USA
Philip "Phil" Rizzuto SS US Navy PACIFIC
Douglas W "Scotty" Robb UMPIRE US Navy ETO
Thomas V "Tommy" Robello 2B-3B US Navy  
J Albert A "Skippy" Roberge IF US Army ETO
Robin E Roberts P USAAF USA
Charles E "Red" Roberts IF US Army  
Sherrard A "Sherry" Robertson IF-OF US Navy PACIFIC
William E "Eddie" Robinson 1B US Navy USA
Aaron A Robinson C US Coast Guard  
John E "Jack" Robinson P US Navy USA
Jack R "Jackie" Robinson IF US Army USA
Warren G "Sheriff" Robinson COACH US Navy PACIFIC
Louis J "Lou" Rochelli 2B US Navy  
William S "Bill" Rodgers OF US Army  
Oscar F L Roettger P/1B US Army  
Lee Rogers P    
Stanley F "Packy" Rogers (Hazinski) IF US Navy PACIFIC
Stanley A "Stan" Rojek SS USAAF PACIFIC
James K "Jim" Romano P US Navy  
Albert L "Al" Rosen 3B US Navy PACIFIC
Simon "Si" Rosenthal OF US Navy ETO
Chester J "Chet" Ross OF US Navy USA
Joe Rossi C US Army  
Francis Rosso P    
John H "Jack" Rothrock OF US Army USA
Lynwood "Schoolboy" Rowe P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph E Rowe COACH    
Carvel W "Bama" Rowell 2B US Army USA
Richard L "Dick" Rozek P US Navy  
Charles H "Red" Ruffing P USAAF USA
Robert R "Bob" Rush P US Army  
Marius U "Lefty" Russo P US Army USA
Henry A "Hank" Ruszkowski C US Army  
John W. Rutherford P US Navy PACIFIC
Milton "Mickey" Rutner 3B US Army ETO
Cornelius J "Connie" Ryan 2B US Navy PACIFIC
John C "Blondy" Ryan IF US Navy  
Alexander "Alex" Sabo (Szabo) C US Navy N AFRICA
Frank Sacka C    
Thomas J "Tom" Saffell OF USAAF  
John F "Johnny" Sain P US Navy Air Corps USA
Manuel "Manny" Salvo P US Army USA
Edward W "Ed" Samcoff 2B US Marine Corps  
Dee W Sanders   Coast Guard  
John F "Fred" Sanford P US Army PACIFIC
John D "Jack" Sanford 1B USAAF  
Edward R "Ed" Sanicki OF US Navy  
Francis F "Frank" Saucier OF US Navy PACIFIC
Henry J "Hank" Sauer OF US Coast Guard USA
John "Bob" Savage P US Army ETO
William N "Bill" Sayles P US Army  
Frank J "Skeeter" Scalzi IF US Navy USA
Rae W "Ray" Scarborough P US Navy USA
Harold "Hal" Schacker P US Army  
Harry E "Lefty" Schaeffer P US Navy  
LeRoy J "Roy" Schalk 2B US Army  
Arthur L "Art" Schallock P US Navy PACIFIC
George A Scharein SS US Army ETO
Robert B "Bob" Scheffing C US Navy PACIFIC
Carl A Scheib P US Army  
Michael "Mike" Schemer 1B US Army  
Henry L "Hank" Schenz 2B US Navy PACIFIC
Robert E "Bob" Scherbarth C US Navy  
George E Schmees OF US Navy  
Frederick A "Freddy" Schmidt P US Army  
John A "Johnny" Schmitz P US Navy PACIFIC
Henry A "Hank" Schmulbach   USAAF  
Albert F "Red" Schoendienst 2B US Army USA
Edward W "Wes" Schulmerich OF US Navy PACIFIC
Herman J "Ham" Schulte (Schultehenrich) 2B US Army  
Robert D "Bob" Schultz P USAAF USA
William M  "Mike" Schultz P US Army  
Harold H "Hal" Schumacher P US Navy PACIFIC
Ralph R "Blackie" Schwamb P US Navy  
Kenneth E "Ken" Sears C US Navy PACIFIC
George A Selkirk OF US Navy  
Theodore W "Ted" Sepkowski (Sczepkowski) OF-3B US Coast Guard  
Bill Serena IF US Navy  
Walter A Sessi OF US Army  
Robert C "Bobby" Shantz P US Army PACIFIC
Wilmer E "Billy" Shantz C US Navy  
Francis J "Spec" Shea (O'Shea) P US Navy PACIFIC
Hollis K "Bud" Sheely C US Army  
Robert E "Bert" Shepard P USAAF ETO
Neill R Sheridan OF US Marine Corps  
James R "Jim" Shilling IF US Coast Guard  
Milburn J "Milt" Shoffner P USAAF ETO
Edward C "Eddie" Shokes 1B US Navy PACIFIC
Raymond E "Ray" Shore P USAAF  
David O "Dave" Short OF USAAF  
Clyde M Shoun P US Navy PACIFIC
Roy Sievers 1B-OF    
Charles A R "Charlie" Silvera C USAAF PACIFIC
Kenneth J "Ken" Silvestri C US Army USA
Albert "Al" Sima P US Navy  
John E Simmons OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Harry L Simpson OF/1B US Army  
Frederic W "Fred" Sington OF US Navy USA
Richard A "Dick" Sisler 1B-OF US Navy USA
Sebastian D "Sibby" Sisti 2B-SS US Coast Guard USA
Peter "Pete" Sivess P US Navy ETO
Enos "Country" Slaughter OF USAAF PACIFIC
Louis M "Lou" Sleater P US Navy USA
Bruce A Sloan OF US Army  
Dwain C "Lefty" Sloat P US Army  
Roy F Smalley SS US Navy USA
Joseph P "Joe" Smaza OF US Navy  
Vincent A "Vinnie" Smith C/UMPIRE US Navy PACIFIC
Edgar "Eddie" Smith P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
John M Smith 1B    
Edwin D "Duke" Snider OF US Navy PACIFIC
Albert Henry "Hank" Soar UMPIRE US Army USA
William D "Bill" Sommers 3B-2B US Army  
Victor G "Vic" Sorrell P US Navy  
Stephen "Steve" Souchock 1B-OF US Army ETO
Warren E Spahn P US Army ETO
Stanley O "Stan" Spence OF US Navy USA
George E Spencer P US Navy PACIFIC
Glenn Edward Spencer P US Navy USA
Robert O "Bob" Spicer P US Army  
Homer F Spragins P USAAF  
Edward J "Ebba" St Claire C US Army  
Gerald L "Jerry" Staley P US Army PACIFIC
Thomas V "Virgil" Stallcup SS US Navy  
George W Staller OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Charles "Charley" Stanceu P US Army  
Richard E "Dick" Starr P US Army  
Henry J "Hank" Steinbacher OF US Army  
Bryan M Stephens P US Army  
Joseph C "Joe" Stephenson C US Army  
Charles A "Chuck" Stevens 1B USAAF PACIFIC
Edward P "Bud" Stewart OF US Navy  
Lee E Stine P US Navy  
Raymond T "Ray" Stoviak OF US Navy USA
Alan C Strange SS US Army  
George B Strickland IF US Navy  
Louis B "Lou" Stringer 2B USAAF USA
Paul H Stuffel P US Army ETO
Robert H "Bobby" Sturgeon SS US Navy  
John P J "Johnny" Sturm 1B USAAF PACIFIC
Charles M "Charley" Suche P US Army  
James J "Jim" Suchecki P US Navy  
Peter "Pete" Suder 2B US Army ETO
William J, Jr "Billy" Sullivan C US Navy USA
John P Sullivan SS US Army PACIFIC
Stephen R "Steve" Sundra P US Army USA
Matthew C "Max" Surkont P US Navy PACIFIC
Charles I "Butch" Sutcliffe C US Army  
Howard A "Dizzy" Sutherland P US Army MEDITERRANEAN
Oadis V "Oad" Swigart P US Army  
James R "Jim" Tabor 3B US Army  
Leroy E Talcott P US Navy  
Vitautis C "Vito" Tamulis P USAAF USA
Elvin W "El" Tappe C US Navy  
Alvin W "Al" Tate P US Army  
V T "Tommy" Tatum OF USAAF  
Frederick J "Fred" Tauby (Taubensee) OF US Navy USA
James H "Harry" Taylor P US Navy  
Edward J "Ed" Taylor 3B-SS US Navy  
Frederick R "Fred" Taylor 1B USAAF  
George R "Birdie" Tebbetts C USAAF PACIFIC
Richard L "Dick" Teed C US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Joseph J "Joe" Tepsic OF US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Willard W "Wayne" Terwilliger 2B US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Maynard B. "Bert" Thiel P US Army ETO
Raymond J "Ray" Thomas C US Navy  
Leo R Thomas IF US Navy  
Charles "Tim" Thompson C US Navy USA
Jon S "Jocko" Thompson P US Army ETO
Eugene E "Junior" Thompson P US Navy USA
Henry C “Hank” Thompson 2B US Navy ETO
Robert B "Bobby" Thomson OF USAAF USA
Benjamin R "Bob" Thorpe OF US Navy PACIFIC
Louis C F "Lou" Thuman P US Army ETO
Robert “Bob” Thurman OF US Navy  
Joe H Tipton C US Navy PACIFIC
John P "Johnny" Tobin 3B US Navy  
William H "Hal" Toenes P USAAF  
Andy Tomasic P US Army  
Clifford E "Earl" Torgeson 1B US Army ETO
Louis E "Lou" Tost P US Navy PACIFIC
Stephen J "Red" Tramback OF US Navy PACIFIC
Cecil H Travis SS-3B US Army ETO
Frank A Trechock SS US Army  
Nicholas J "Nick" Tremark OF US Navy USA
Kenneth W "Ken" Trinkle P US Army ETO
Virgil O Trucks P US Navy PACIFIC
Thurman L Tucker OF US Navy USA
George E Turbeville P USAAF USA
Edward L Turchin IF US Navy USA
Thomas R "Tom" Turner C US Army  
Earl E Turner C US Army  
Robert E "Bob" Uhle P US Army  
Michael E "Mike" Ulisney C US Army  
R T "Dixie" Upright   US Army  
Thomas H "Tom" Upton SS US Navy USA
Robert R "Bob" Usher OF US Navy PACIFIC
Elmer W Valo OF US Army USA
Christian G "Chris" Van Cuyk P US Navy PACIFIC
John H "Johnny" Van Cuyk P US Army  
Maurice R Van Robays OF US Army ETO
Joseph A "Joe" Vance P US Navy  
John S "Johnny" Vander Meer P US Navy PACIFIC
Cecil P "Porter" Vaughan P US Army USA
Allen F "Al" Veigel P USAAF  
Vincent "Vince" Ventura OF USAAF  
Anthony "Tony" Venzon UMPIRE US Army  
James B "Mickey" Vernon 1B US Navy PACIFIC
George Vico 1B US Navy  
Clyde F Vollmer OF US Army  
Jacob F "Jake" Wade P US Navy USA
Benjamin S "Ben" Wade P USAAF USA
Charles T "Charlie" Wagner P US Navy PACIFIC
Harold E "Hal" Wagner C US Army  
Edward S "Eddie" Waitkus 1B US Army PACIFIC
Richard C "Dick" Wakefield OF US Navy Air Corps PACIFIC
Edwin J "Ed" Walczak 2B US Army  
Harry W Walker OF US Army ETO
Harvey W "Hub" Walker OF US Navy USA
James E "Jim" Walkup P USAAF  
James H "Lefty" Wallace P US Army  
John "Jack" Wallaesa SS US Army MEDITERRANEAN
James G "Junior" Walsh P US Army  
Joseph P "Joe" Walsh SS US Navy  
Lonnie "Lon" Warneke P US Army  
Bennie L Warren C US Navy USA
Thomas G "Tommy" Warren P US Navy N AFRICA
Julius "Neal" Watlington C US Army ETO
Harold "Hal" Weafer UMPIRE US Navy  
Kenneth A "Ken" Weafer P US Navy  
Cyril R "Roy" Weatherly OF US Army  
Montie "Monte" Weaver P USAAF ETO
Samuel H "Red" Webb P Coast Guard  
Ralph R "Wig" Weigel C US Coast Guard PACIFIC
Richard H "Dick" Weik P US Navy  
Edwin N "Ed" Weiland P US Navy PACIFIC
Elmer W. "Dutch" Weingartner SS USAAF USA
William F "Roy" Weir P US Navy  
John L "Johnny" Welaj OF US Army  
Leo D Wells SS-3B US Coast Guard PACIFIC
Charles W "Butch" Wensloff P US Army  
William G "Bill" Werle P US Army  
Victor W "Vic" Wertz OF USAAF PACIFIC
Richard T "Dick" West C US Navy PACIFIC
Samuel F "Sam" West OF US Army  
Waldon T "Wally" Westlake OF Coast Guard  
Wesley N "Wes" Westrum C US Army USA
Donald W "Don" Wheeler C US Army  
Ernest D "Ernie" White P US Army ETO
Harold G "Hal" White P US Navy PACIFIC
Albert E "Fuzz" White OF US Army USA
Donald W "Don" White OF US Navy  
Burgess U "Whitey" Whitehead 2B USAAF USA
Dick C Whitman OF US Army ETO
Walter F "Frank" Whitman SS US Army  
William R "Bill" Wight P US Navy USA
Delbert Q "Del" Wilber C USAAF USA
James H "Hoyt" Wilhelm P US Army ETO
Aldon J "Lefty" Wilkie P US Army ETO
Robert F "Ace" Williams P US Navy USA
Theodore S "Ted" Williams OF US Navy/US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Edwin D "Dib" Williams IF US Army  
James G. Willis P US Army ETO
Vernon S "Whitey" Wilshere P US Navy  
Max Wilson P US Navy PACIFIC
George W Wilson OF US Army ETO
Grady H Wilson SS US Army  
Walter W "Walt" Wilson P US Army  
Lester W "Les" Wilson OF USAAF  
John T "Tom" Winsett OF USAAF PACIFIC
Francis M "Whitey" Wistert P US Navy  
Nicholas J "Mickey" Witek 2B US Coast Guard USA
Jerome C "Jerry" Witte 1B US Army  
Joseph F "Joe" Wood P US Navy  
Kenneth L "Ken" Wood OF US Coast Guard  
Eugene R "Gene" Woodling OF US Navy PACIFIC
Taft S "Taffy" Wright OF USAAF PACIFIC
Albert E "Al" Wright 2B US Navy  
Forrest G "Glenn" Wright SS US Navy USA
Frank J Wurm P US Army  
Early Wynn P US Army PACIFIC
John B "Johnny" Wyrostek OF US Army ETO
George E Yankowski C US Army  
Waldo W "Rusty" Yarnall P US Navy  
Raymond A A "Ray" Yochim P US Marine Corps PACIFIC
Anthony B "Tony" York IF US Army USA
Edward F J "Eddie" Yost 3B US Navy USA
Norman R "Babe" Young 1B US Coast Guard  
Ralph S Young 2B US Navy  
Floyd E "Eddie" Yount OF US Army ETO
John E "Eddie" Yuhas P US Army ETO
Salvador A "Sal" Yvars C USAAF  
Adrian Zabala P Cuban Army  
Frank T "Frankie" Zak SS US Army  
Allen L "Al" Zarrilla OF US Army USA
Gus E Zernial OF US Navy  
Robert G. Zick P US Army ETO
Benedict J "Benny" Zientara 2B US Army ETO
George Zuverink P USAAF PACIFIC